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Voices of The River: Pathways to Peace

Logo OMVS Imprimable.jpg

The OMVS is the transboundary basin agency of the Senegal River bringing together Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal. Its missions are to achieve food self-sufficiency for the populations of the basin and the sub-region, to secure and improve the incomes of the populations, to preserve the balance of the ecosystems in the basin, to reduce the vulnerability of the economies of the Members of the Organization in the face of climatic hazards and external factors and to accelerate development  economy of member states.


Center of excellence specializing in hydropolitics and water diplomacy at the University of Geneva, whose objective is to promote water as an instrument of peace and cooperation. It is the secretariat of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace , of which Senegal holds the vice-presidency and has initiated an international reflection at the level of the Nations.  on ways to prevent water-related conflicts.

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) brings together citizens and organizations committed and active for the cause of water. Their commitment is to ensure the application of the founding texts of the movement (Charter of Montreal and Declaration of Strasbourg) aimed at providing access to drinking water and sanitation for all. The SIE is committed in particular to the engagement of younger generations on water issues through support for the World Youth Parliament for Water.


Pôle Eau Dakar is an initiative currently being set up within Senegal's Ministry of Water and Sanitation. Its mission is to promote hydrodiplomacy and peace in the West African sub-region and beyond. Pôle Eau Dakar also aims to contribute to the system for monitoring the recommendations of the World Water Forum in Senegal and West Africa. In particular, it participates in the World Observatory on Water and Peace led by the Geneva Water Hub.


IPAR is a space for reflection, dialogue and proposals for concerted agricultural and rural policies in Senegal and in the West African region. To break with the technocratic and top-down approach, experts and development executives joined forces with peasant leaders, local government and civil society actors to set up IPAR , whose role is to co- produce analyses, offer choices of policies and strategies, influence national, sub-regional and international public policies.


GLOBE is the association that has been organizing editions of the Festival à Sahel Ouvert since 2010. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of actions of general interest aimed at promoting access to culture, information, education of populations who are most deprived of it, throughout the world. It promotes dialogue and exchanges with them by organizing live shows, festivals, exhibitions, intercultural encounters or health actions.

Logo vectorisé-Milkmusic-HD.jpeg

Milk Music is a label based in France, specialized in music and video production. He coordinates the artistic direction, production and communication of the musical suite Voix du Fleuve, Voie de la Paix .


logo Nann-K.jpg

Movement founded by Baaba Maal which pursues objectives of consolidating the conditions of economic and social achievement at local and regional level.


Bois Sakré is a music production house created in 2004 by two cultural actors and leaders of the Rap group DAARA J FAMILY : Ndongo D and Faada Freddy. Label operating in culture in general and more particularly in music. 

The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) , whose secretariat is provided by IOWater, is an association of general interest composed of basin organizations and government administrations responsible for water at the global level. INBO , which works alongside the African Network of Basin Organizations (ANBO) , pursues the objectives, in particular, of promoting in cooperation programs the principles and means of rational water management for sustainable development and of facilitating the development of tools for institutional and financial management, programming, organization of databases and tools adapted to needs.

waterpreneurs_logoStack-fond blancHD.jpeg

Waterpreneurs is a non-profit association based in Switzerland which aims to bring together and federate major players contributing to the development of problem solving related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on the water nexus, human rights, peace and security.

Logo 9e Forum M de l'Eau-fr_2022.png

The World Water Forum is the main international event concerning water issues, organized every three years since 1997 by the World Water Council, in partnership with the host country. Organized jointly by the World Water Council and the Senegalese government,  the 9th edition of the World Water Forum  is held in Dakar from March 21 to 26, 2022 with the theme "water security for peace and development".

Each partner committed its own resources to this initiative, which also received financial support from

Swiss Cooperation and the European Union


An initiative as part of

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